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Introduction/Challenge to New Ship Recycling

Change Ship Recycling!

Human rights organization and environmental protection groups have been pointing out “Ship dismantling is responsible for shipbuilders and fleet owners”.
The temporary guideline to solve the problems of ship dismantling was made by international organization such as International Maritime Organization(IMO), International Labor Office(ILO), and the Basel Convention; however, the situation did not changed much because there were some loopholes.
Enacting Ship Recycling Treaty which includes obligation rules to minimize the labor accidents and environmental pollution is urgently needed.

Towards the Implementation
Dec 2002 UNEP(International Environmental Plan: the Basel Convention) issued the ship recycling technology guidelines.
Oct 2003 ILO(International Labor Office) issued the ship recycling safety guidelines.
Dec 2003 IMO(International Maritime Organization) issued the ship recycling guidelines.
2005 Groundwork for new treaty was decided at 24th IMO general meeting
Oct 2008 Draft of a ship recycling treaty was approved at MEPC58.
May 15th 2009 The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships was adopted.(konown as Ship Recycling Treaty)
2012 The treaty goes into effect, and domestic legislation will be approved.