NPO Ship Recycling Muroran

  1. Introduction/Challenge to New Ship Recycling

Muroran is home to steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, and PCB recycling facilities,and we have the necessary technology to make the best use of these resources without putting an unnecessary burden on the environment.

“Muroran Ship Recycling Study Group” was established in 2008 to achieve Ship Recycling in Muroran.

“Is it possible to dismantle environment preservation ships and actually recycle?”, “Is that realistic business model?” There are a lot of difficulties.

The only way to achieve our goal is to promote cooperation among the government, industry, and academia as well as every region of the country.


At the heart of Muroran harbor lays an iron and steel manufacturing and shipbuilding industrial center which is the main industry of Muroran, Hokkaido.

Here the necessary infrastructure for environmentally friendly ship recycling is already in place.

However, whether there is a real possibility of this becoming a new local industry, and whether there is a realistic business model for this, is still under study by a joint industry-academic-government working group.

Although Japan is internationally recognized as a leader in shipbuilding, the development of a ship recycling system that is both environment and human friendly is an initiative that can only be achieved through the cooperation of the entire nation.

Kazumichi Shimizu (Muroran Ship Recycling Study Group Chairman. Associate Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology)