About What is Ship Recycling?

  1. Introduction/Challenge to New Ship Recycling

As ships reach the end of their long journey, they are dismantled and recycled.

This is the process known as Ship Recycling.

Today, a large number of ships are dismantled around the world, and their scraps are recycled to automobile parts, building materials, and so on.

Currently, ship recycling commonly takes place in developing countries.

In these countries, there is a lack of work safety standards, which results in a high loss of life and health problems.

In addition to that, the lack of necessary technology of ship dismantling results in water pollution and land pollution.

This is a global environmental problem.

Ships do not seem related to our lives.

However, ships carry almost all necessary things of our lives such as “food, clothing, wood, and oil”.

Actually, the country which manufactures one fourth of the world’s ships is Japan.

We have a responsibility to solve the problem and technology for this solution.

Now is the time to create safe and environmentally sound “New Ship Recycling” from Japan, and we must challenge things that “only Japan can do” for saving the seas of the world and precious lives.